Hi, I’m John Monds. Libertarian Candidate and Freedom Fighter living in Cairo, GA.

My Message

You should control your life – not the government. It has become abundantly clear that the Grand American Experiment which is at a crossroads. The idea of empowering the individual with rights granted by God or nature has been replaced with ever-growing government bureaucracy and corruption. If we are to honor our forefathers and foremothers, regardless of race, who strived for true freedom, then decisions need to be made now. There is no more time to waste. Will you choose more of the same or will you make the choice to change everything? This special election is an opportunity for We the People to make history with our votes by choosing a new path. Democrats and Republicans have failed us all. On January 31st, vote Monds to send a message that you choose freedom. I offer you a rare opportunity to see what the belief in true freedom looks like from an elected
official. My promise to you is that my votes in the Georgia Senate will be grounded in giving you
more control over your life.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free

– Johann Wolfgang Von Geothe


Board Member Grady County Habitat for Humanity
Basileus and Social Action Chair, Mu Beta Beta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,

GA State Council, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Libertarian Party of Georgia Executive Committee
President NAACP Grady County Branch
Grady County Planning Commission
Board Member Grady County Fine Arts Project


Fox Theater Ballroom Supervisor
Lehman Brothers Entry Level Position
Mesaba Aviation Customer Service Agent
Certified Scuba Diver
Genealogist Hobbyist
Volkswagen Restoration Hobbyist


Elections: The right to choose our elected officials in fair and open
elections is fundamental to the concept of representative government.
It is the method by which we hold government accountable. Any law
that limits your voting options is a violation of your right to choose your
representatives. When deliberating election reforms, who you are
permitted to vote for is at least as important as how the votes are cast
and counted. We need more choices on the ballot to represent the
people’s will more accurately. Georgia ballot access laws are some of
the most restrictive in the country, making it nearly impossible for
anyone who is not a member of the two ruling parties to run for office.
I have challenged these types of laws on the district court level and will
continue to be a voice for change. People are diverse and complicated
and cannot be well represented by only two options. I support changing
Georgia’s ballot access to allow all political affiliations to run for all
state offices and implementing Rank Choice Voting so that we have
choices and avoid costly runoffs.

Taxation: Government has no legitimate claim on the fruits of your
labor. Once you concede that government has a right to a portion of
your earnings, there is no limit to how large the government portion
can be -all the way to 100%. An unchecked government will take more
and more leaving you and I with less and less. While we cannot
eliminate our tax burden all at once, we make some immediate
changes. As a first step, I support ending the state income tax. This has
been demonstrated by 9 other states including our neighbors to the
north and south. I support reducing the state budget to minimize your
tax burden so you can choose how to spend your money.

Education: One of the most fundamental rights of a parent is the choice
to raise and educate your child according to your values. It is the only

very recently in our history that the government has stepped into the
role of primary educator. Unfortunately, the results have not been
good. An examination of the history of public education in this country
reveals a disturbing downward trend in educational outcomes. I believe
in educational choice. I will support all legislation that empowers
parents and local communities to decide for their children based on
their values and the student’s individual needs.

Your journey for freedom starts here